Your time and money are precious, both of which can be exhausted with no positive outcome if they are invested foolishly to somehow generate new leads. It is no surprise that as a broker a steady flow of leads is imperative to your business however, making that choice of finding the perfect mortgage leads provider best suited to your needs can be a tricky situation.

Following is a guide to help you filter out your options for mortgage leads providers and find your perfect match!

  • Nothing beats experience!

Hiring someone, or even applying somewhere, we are well aware of the extra points a few years of experience can drag in. Why is an experience so important? Getting a mortgage lead provider who has been around, ensures the kind of experience and expertise along with a hands-on experience that no other new provider can provide to you. New providers may appear from time to time but examine their credentials carefully because you don’t want to risk your money with a fly-by-night operation. It is important to find some experienced mortgage leads providers who know their way around the business and can give you advice only years of work in the industry can teach you.

  • Can they provide good quality leads?

As important as numbers are in a business, you should not find yourself so greedy that you completely discard quality. Quality will outshine quantity by miles, any time of the year. A promise of 50 deals a day is not worth much if these leads do not have quality enough to be able to generate sales and get you profit. A company that can give a handful of high-quality leads with a decent conversion rate will be more advantageous to your organization and a better investment. You also might want to consider live, pre-qualified leads — working with a company that is committed to pre-qualifying clients before speaking with them can greatly enhance your organization’s productivity and increase conversions.

All in all, it is important to choose a mortgage leads provider who shares the same vision and values when it comes to collecting leads.

  • Are you and your lead provider on the same page? Keep it transparent!

As aforementioned, it is imperative that your mortgage leads provider is well aware of your business and its products. They should know what it is, what services you offer and consequently, what kind of an audience you are targeting. Check to see if they’re employing marketing strategies that will help you focus on your target market and attract clients who are interested in your product or service. See if they can generate and run email or PPC marketing initiatives regularly? Are they able to collaborate with reputable affiliates?

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As mentioned before, a great level of transparency must be established between both parties to produce favorable results.

 Time is another thing one needs to be open about. You should be able to openly share your deadlines and timelines and when you expect what kind of work and at what rate or time is the mortgage leads provider able to hand in that work. Does it all come together in sync? Or are things way too off?

lead provider

  • Are they committed to fair working?

You may be the most professional and passionate worker in your field but it won’t translate well if all parties involved share the same passion. Even though the system and law today is much more catered to the rights of the customers and you follow the rules to the T, it does not ensure that every company you work with would share the same sentiments. Check to see if your lead provider is committed to doing things the right way. Do they play by the rules? Are they able to protect the rights of the customers to their information? Do they have a privacy policy that they adhere to?

  • Are they able to understand the needs of your business?

Making a pick when it comes to a lead provider who doesn’t understand your company’s needs is as good as handing your most valuable assets to a blind man who has never seen the world. You don’t want to waste time educating them on the ins and outs of your sector; an experienced lead generator should understand the difficulties your company faces and be able to meet your objectives.

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